Neighbourhood Crime Survey 2015

How safe is your community? Get the true picture from every garda station in the country

The interactive map below contains a detailed breakdown of all crimes recorded in each of the 563 garda stations in the country for the year ending June 30, 2015.

You can compare the crime rate in your locality with that of neighbouring cities, towns and villages.

Areas in red have above-average crime rates. Those in green have crime levels below the national average.

Each station is ranked according to its crime rate on a national basis from 1 to 563 with 1 signalling the highest crime rate . A similar system is used for the county ranking.

If you don't know your local garda station, type in your address in the search box in the top-right corner and it will be highlighted in the map.

The table below provides information on the number of crimes recorded in individual garda stations over the past four years.

It also provides the crime rate - the number of offences per 100 population.

The average crime rate nationally for the 12 months to June 2015 is 4.7 crimes per 100 population.

Statistically, the station with the highest crime rate is based at Dublin Airport. However, the rate is artificially distorted by the fact that the gardai based there police a small residential population.

Stradbally in Co Laois features in the top 10 of stations with high crime rates - essentially due to the significant number of drug offences recorded during the Electric Picnic - the three-day musical festival held annually near the town.

The map below highlights where overall crime levels have been increasing over the 12-month period to June 2015.

It also shows distinct clusters where crime rates have been rising and falling.

The data below provides a breakdown of recorded crime in each garda station in the past year based on the most common types of offence.

Follow this link to discover the predominant type of crime in your local garda station.

This is a list of the garda stations with the highest and lowest crime rates in each county.

Follow this link to create your own interactive graph for all crimes recorded at your local garda station area since 2004. Click on the boxes on the right to select data according to station, county and type of offence.

New figures from the Central Statistics Office also reveal that overall detection rates are falling.